Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Donne's "Holy Sonnets"

Hello, all! In class, we'll be discussing some items from "Songs and Sonnets" and "Holy Sonnets." In the case of the latter, I already know what I want to talk about, so start thinking about the following in advance.

(1) First of all, what, according to you, is the central issue or question being struggled with in Donne's Holy Sonnets? Is this struggle strictly religious/spiritual?

Towards the end of the class session I will elicit from you some broad, final comments on Donne's poetry. For example:

(2) In what ways is Donne's voice and imagination singular? That is, what does he seem to be doing that other writers aren't?

(3) On the other hand, in what ways is Donne very much of his time and part of his culture?

(4) Finally, what does Donne teach us about the relationship between religion and eroticism or imagination and faith?

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